Peace is the one dream we all should share

Pope Francis used his Easter Sunday message to denounce the “latest vile attack” on Syrian civilians as thousands gathered at the Vatican‘s St. Peter’s Square to hear him speak. In his formal “Urbi et Orbi” message, which means “to the city and the world,” Pope Francis spoke against oppressive regimes and war, according to the…

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The Call of the Garden

The chair is out, now to hose it down, place at the garden’s edge, and enjoy a cup of English Breakfast tea and the warmth of the mid-April sun. 

Definitive Signs of Spring 

Nature – life, finds a way.  How true a statement that is indeed.  Despite the snow surrounding the tender shoots, daffodils are triumphantly sprouting towards the glorious spring sunshine, unabated and unabashed.  Another month and they’ll be fading away, allowing the peonies to step into their deserved late spring spotlight. 

Confessions of an Outlier

I don’t want to be a member of the ‘in crowd’.  I’m an outlier.  I’m a small and big ‘C’ conservative, [‘m an outlier.  I live in the country – and love it: I’m an outlier.  I dislike urbanity in all it’s grey concrete and forced natural settings. I’m an outlier.  I like winter, the colder the better – that definitely makes me an outlier.  I don’t listen to movie, book, restaurant or travel critics, I want to make up my own mind, make my own choices of what’s good and what’s not: I’m an outlier.

I believe in evolution AND something bigger, something wondrous and magical.  I still believe in the healing power of teddy bears and the mystery of fireflies.  I believe the Tricksters are still pulling imaginary strings to play with us and try to fool us: the Pixies, Leprechauns and Coyote and Crow.

I’m an Outlier – and proud of it!

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