Squirrels Gone Squirrelly

Even the squirrels – and chipmunks – are becoming anxious to ‘get on’, they’ve got their annual spring ‘plans’ to attend to and all this snow, ice and freezing rain silliness is getting in their way.  We’ve had a burgeoning squirrel population over the winter, but these last few days has seen an even larger contingent foraging beneath the bird feeders.



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Ahoy Matey

A few days ago, when it was actually sunny with not a snowflake in sight, I walked along the docks in the Parry Sound harbour.  This fellow was surveying his territory, perhaps scouting out an errant french fry.

Copyright: Quarkybirdy

I love my mom AND all my toy balls

Linc is obsessed with balls – all balls, any balls, balls of all colours.  I love his obsessive ball behaviour!  There are balls all over the house, yard and neighbourhood.  Once the snow is gone completely, I suspect there will be a scattered collection strewn on the ground from our backyard and back forty.

Linc won’t know which one to fetch first!