Happy New Year!!!

With a flash, 2015 raced by, leaving but a vapour trail of bittersweet memories and half-accomplished goals.  As I approach a significant chronological milestone (the Big 5-0), I wonder now how the years have gone by so quickly and I’ve been but no more then sidelined for many.  I’m not going to resolve to do anything in 2016, I am however, going to change how I do everything!  With gusto, love, commitment and hope, that’s how I will approach 2016.  After far too many years feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, feeling self-conscience, looking to see who’s watching, staring, glaring at me for whatever reason, not any more – no, I have to grab this proverbial bull and at least try to stay atop rather then forever grasping at wisps of tail hair as the bull of passing years roars by.  I’ve grabbed onto the horns, now let’s pick a road, a path, not traveled (as Robert Frost once said), and ride headlong into the Big 5-0 with the experience of years and the exuberance of experience!  Can I stay on for more then 8 seconds, well, let’s see shall we!!

Happy New Year!!!!

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