Reason for being

My daily motivation has a feathered blue head and whispers ‘I love you’ without coaxing.  Each day is such a blessing with this sweet girl.

Overturned Truck Flips Commuters The Bird, Spilling 40,000 Lbs. Of Feathers

Kaleidoscope of beauty

The sun really brings out Keito’s greens, blues and coppers.

Strike a Pose

Show me a more beautiful supermodel!  Keito knows how to strike just that pose – she outta be in pictures 🙂

Keito – by Quarkybirdy

More Proof that Dinosaurs Had Feathers

Palaeontologists have discovered a 1.4-inch dinosaur’s tail, complete with delicate feathers, bones and soft tissue, preserved in amber. The lump of resin was recovered at an amber market in northern Burma near the Chinese border, where it was destined to become jewelry. It originally came from a mine in the Hukawng Valley in Kachin state.…

via Here’s More Proof that Dinosaurs Had Feathers — TIME

Stealing Food, Birdie Style.


There’s nothing quite as delicious as another birdie’s food. Above, I am trying to look less guilty, no one can see me up on this hook.

The fact that I was caught on camera (below)  escaping the scene of the thievery is incriminating I agree, but not conclusive!  Keito