Hue are you?

Vincent van Gogh tried, Monet got close, but Mother Nature’s paintbrush is like no other artist.  The hues of summer are vibrant and alive, the variety and range of colour is astounding.

Gardening splendour under the hot summer sun

Everything seems to be early this year, and quite thirsty due to the extended dry, hot spell enveloping central Ontario.

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Caught a quick pic of this dragonfly taking a breather on a bee balm leaf.


Reason for being

My daily motivation has a feathered blue head and whispers ‘I love you’ without coaxing.  Each day is such a blessing with this sweet girl.

Duck Days 2: Checking up on the Mrs.

Parry Sound Harbour

Duck Days – Parry Sound Harbour

Sky & Water

Better late than never!

A little late to the party, my new mock orange shrub has finally decided to bloom!


My sanctuary, my source of inspiration, reflection and my window into heaven.

Garden Magic, 2018

No drawing, painting, portrait or photo can match the beauty and detail of nature’s paintbrush.