They say home is where the heart is.  For me, home is where I hang my heart, hat, and name!  A country lane dappled in warm sunlight, far from any paved road, leads to my home.


I’ve lived in a few cities and towns across Ontario and the country, but both in thought and reality, this driveway leads me to the only place I call home.



Appreciate what you have, who you are, and the gifts you’ve been given.  We’re all here but for a blink of an eye. Despite the hyper-commercialized world in which we live, no amount of money or fame will save any of us from our shared – and equal, fate.

Love deeply – be gentle – demonstrate kindness – help others – and, celebrate the beauty and wonder all around. Be grateful.

All life on Earth, in one staggering chart

From Vox

“All life on Earth, in one chart

What you’ll see below is a kind of tower of life. Each large block of this tower represents a gigaton of life, and the blocks are grouped into broad kingdoms. There are the protists (think microscopic life like amoebae), archaea (single-celled organisms somewhat similar to bacteria), fungi (mushrooms and other types of fungus), bacteria (you’re familiar with these, right?), plants, and animals.

As you can see, plants dominate our world. If the tower of life were an office building, plants would be the main tenants, taking up dozens of floors. Comparatively, all the animals in the world — seen in gray in the tower — are like a single retail shop (a trendy one, to be sure) on the ground floor.” – from vox.com

See the chart and read Vox’s entire article here.

How UK Minister Will Tackle Modern Reality of Loneliness

Tracey Crouch knows what it’s like to feel frighteningly alone. After giving birth to her first child, Freddie, in 2016, the British lawmaker says that despite having a “network of friends, family and a wonderful partner,” she began feeling cut off from the world. It wasn’t a new sensation; Crouch says she also suffered from…

via How the World’s First Loneliness Minister Will Tackle ‘the Sad Reality of Modern Life’ — TIME

Love has feathers

Every day is full of feather-filled love: there’s nothing more I could ever want for in this life.  My precious girls, Keito and Abby.

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