Crazy About Pionus!


I love my Pi girls so much so that some might say I’m Crazy About Pionus – and they’d be right!  I’ll be posting new photos of Keito and Abby regularly on their new page,  click here to see more of my beautiful girls.

Love has wings & feathers

In my heart, love takes the shape of wings, a beak and beautiful feathers.

So What’s So Great About Being On-Line?!

F/6.3, 1/640, ISO 200. Monk Parakeets What is a parrot’s favorite game? Hide and Speak! Interesting Fact: In their native Argentina, Monk Parakeets sometimes adopt old nests of other species. Some ornithologists have suggested that this behavior may have been the first step, evolutionarily speaking, to transitioning from nesting in tree cavities to constructing stick […]

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BirbObserver’s Valentine’s Day Winning Entries

Thanks to everyone who entered BirbObserver’s ‘Birbloveis’ Valentine’s Day Contest, we were deluged with over 50 entries from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Each entry was so creative and thoughtful, congratulations to everyone for your submissions – all entries were wonderful! It was difficult selecting the final 3 winners, but after much deliberation, the following entries […]

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