Great Australian birdlife sight taking place in north west Qld

by Sally Cripps – @sallyQCL

Some of the thousands of budgies flocking together around Richmond, as photographed by Terry Carrington.
 Some of the thousands of budgies flocking together around Richmond, as photographed by Terry Carrington

One of the most spectacular birding sights to be seen in Australia is taking place around Richmond at the moment.

The undulating, chirping group formation of budgerigars on the wing, known as a murmuration, has been caught on camera by Richmond grazier, Terry Carrington.

Terry, who lives at Patroy, 27km south of Richmond in north west Queensland, said he had lived in the area all his life but never witnessed as many budgies in a flock as what he has been seeing over the last week.

“2003 would have been the last time I saw them somewhere near as thick as this,” he said.

Read the full article and watch an amazing video that captures an estimated 20,000 budgies participating in a murmur here.

Filters, Light & a Muse = Masterpiece

Keito is mom’s muse, she’s not necessarily happy about it all the time, but I think she likes the spotlight.


Love – and mischief – always in her eyesIMG_20180810_120349


Morty is full of hot air – Turbo Jet (Vacuum) Air! — THE ROOST

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The Doctors Are In — THE ROOST

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Look Mom, Look!

Look mom, down there, look, it’s a FEDDER!  Could it be mine perchance?  Mom, you’re not looking, LOOK!

Rest assured Keito, I am almost always looking – at you, my beautiful girl.


Nosy Parrot

Keito loves exploring drawers, cupboards and dark closets, sometimes for nefarious nesting purposes, but often just for fun. Here she seems to be intimating that I have been negligent in tidying up the dishes to her satisfaction 🙂

Smartypants birdie!

Monkey Bird

Okay, I know I’m not a monkey, but I do like to monkey around!  Mom says I’m a swinger… I’m not sure of this moniker mom, I’ve heard it has a salacious connotation, hee hee.  I’m just a silly bird who likes to have fun 🙂

Keito the Blue Headed Pionus

The Maxi Pi Factor

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I have a deep affection for Pionus Parrots.  And I’m sure many know that I’m owned by two Pi – Keito and Abby.

While Keito gets most of the airtime and social media splash, Abby, the Maximillian Pionus, is content to remain beyond the spotlight.


Abby is an older girl.  She spent her early life as a breeding bird and unfortunately, was subjected to mean and abusive behaviour from her breeding mate.  She came to live with me as a companion bird when she was 10 years old: that was 15 years and many, many, many head scritchies ago!



With a sweet, gentle personality, Abby isn’t comfortable with cameras, phones or even a lot of human interaction.  She and I have arrived at a comfortable relationship place where Abby solicits scitchies and ‘asks’ for closeness, but is equally happy to spend her days just hanging out on or in her cage, knowing all the while that she can at any time, move around freely and unencumbered.  Not quite as colourful as younger housemate Keito, Abby’s colours are just as gorgeous.  With dark and light green, olive and bronze-coloured feathers mixing with beautiful purple and lavender-coloured breast feathers, the Maxi Pi is a subtle beauty.  I love my big girl, and in her own, quiet way, Abby shows that she loves me too, every day.