Gardening splendour under the hot summer sun

Everything seems to be early this year, and quite thirsty due to the extended dry, hot spell enveloping central Ontario.

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Caught a quick pic of this dragonfly taking a breather on a bee balm leaf.


Garden Magic, 2018

No drawing, painting, portrait or photo can match the beauty and detail of nature’s paintbrush.

Gardening Glory

The late spring gardens are filling in and up with glorious colour.  My favourites, peonies are beginning to open, I can’t wait until they are all on full display!

Visit my garden page to see how well my container plants are coming along as well as see  some beautiful photos of local wildflowers and ferns taken along our country road.

All life on Earth, in one staggering chart

From Vox

“All life on Earth, in one chart

What you’ll see below is a kind of tower of life. Each large block of this tower represents a gigaton of life, and the blocks are grouped into broad kingdoms. There are the protists (think microscopic life like amoebae), archaea (single-celled organisms somewhat similar to bacteria), fungi (mushrooms and other types of fungus), bacteria (you’re familiar with these, right?), plants, and animals.

As you can see, plants dominate our world. If the tower of life were an office building, plants would be the main tenants, taking up dozens of floors. Comparatively, all the animals in the world — seen in gray in the tower — are like a single retail shop (a trendy one, to be sure) on the ground floor.” – from

See the chart and read Vox’s entire article here.