Bees — spanishwoods

with their erratic flight and soft buzzing she was hypnotized by the bees

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Wordless Wednesday — Nature Is My Therapy

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Marsh In Morning Light — leaf and twig

all possibilities gather at the water’s edge

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Happy Cacti & Succulents

While other plants have wilted or retreated from this summer’s excessive heat, my cacti and succulents enjoying their seasonal residence on the front deck have relished the long, hot spotlight.  Many of the cacti especially have been so happy they’ve rebloomed twice, a rarity for some species.


This is my favourite time of the summer, that time when the cattails (bulrush) rise above their fellow marshland floral companions to proudly display their tubular, brown flower tops for passersby admirers to enjoy.  I often stop, mesmerized by their to and fro swaying in the warm breeze.



Sometimes the angle of light is just perfect for that unique photo.

IMG_20180812_153553 - Copy
Looking up.  Photo Credit: Linda Sullivan

Our Pantry Profile: Thyme — Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Thyme {Thymus vulgaris} Common garden thyme has been used for protection, courage, food, and medicine since the beginning of recorded history. A low-growing, aromatic shrub native to the rocky hills of the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, it’s now a staple of herb gardens around the world. Roman soldiers bathed in thyme to maintain their courage […]

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