Along our country road

Soft snow on lakes, ice slowing receding from local ponds, and lichen basking in spring warmth atop exposed rocks.

Pardon me, but I’m outta seeds!

This little fellow practically knocked on the window to ask for more seeds.

Spring’s Retreat

Like most of Ontario, cottage country received a nasty, albeit brief (I hope), reboot of winter over the last few days.  Winter tires were scheduled to come off this past Monday, then Thursday… now next Monday.  Seems winter hasn’t quite finished with us yet.  A couple of early robins arrived a few days ago to a snowy, cold, food-sparse landscape.  I hope they can hang in there a few days longer as there’s a wee bit of spring warmth coming – by mid-April.

The gardens are longing to shed their winter coat and get on with extolling spring’s promise of sunny, smiling daffodils and crocuses.

Backyard vegetation and garden bench covered with new snow.

Alas, this last breath of winter has been breathtakingly beautiful.

Copyright @ Linda Sullivan

Now go away winter, see you in November!

So Much Snow — The Wild Horses of Alberta Society

Winter is not letting up in wild horse country. Temperatures are consistently cold and the snow is accumulating. This yearling has found some grass under the pine trees and the horses are starting to have to roam quite a bit in order to find sufficient feed. This stallion sought shelter and feed under a mature […]

via So Much Snow — The Wild Horses of Alberta Society


As the snow recedes, items left out last fall have begun emerging, reminding me of tasks left unfinished.  I meant to throw ‘ugly bench’ beside the shed, but alas, it was left to collect snow beside the walkway.  The emerging heads look at me incredulously… and they’re rather freakish.

Ugly Bench – Quarlybirdy

Pathways in the snow

We are never alone, there’s always someone out and about, living, thriving.

Snow-laden beauties

Coniferous trees and snow are the hallmarks of the local landscape.  Always beautiful, sometimes even whimsy.

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