Laver Cup

Rafael Nadal is in Prague, with the days counting down ahead of the first-ever Laver Cup. The three-day competition kicks off Friday, pitting a team of the best six European players against the top six from the rest of the world, captained by tennis legends Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. The tournament is to honor Rod […]

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As always, I’m continuing to rethink how I go about shooting the photos that I do. I purchased a portable hide thinking that it would be a great way to get even closer to birds and other wildlife, but I haven’t used it yet. That’s because I have been able to get as close as […]

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My name is Jasmin. I am twenty years old and studying Nursing. I live in New Jersey and have a 5-year-old male sun conure named Frankie. Frankie is a feisty little boy, particular in his like and dislike of specific individuals. In my family, it’s me he likes and trusts most, wanting always to be […]

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