B.C. group wants to kill the seals to save the whales – CBCNews

by Greg Rasmussen (via msn.com)

an animal with its mouth open: Associated Press
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Ken Pearce throttles back on his outboard motor, his boat slowing as it cuts through the waters of the lower Fraser River near Steveston, B.C.

He’s spotted a half-dozen seals swimming in a side channel.

“They’ve fed on the rising tide and now they’re coming in to soak up the sun and snooze,” he says.

Pearce views the animals as a major threat to migrating salmon and the endangered killer whales that feed on them.

He wants tens of thousands of them killed in a commercial hunt.

His group, Pacific Balance Pinniped Society, has support from some First Nations, commercial fishing groups and elements of the sport fishing industry. 

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High And Dry: Swiss Army Airlifts Water To Cows In Drought-Stricken Mountains — News : NPR

Water scarcity and heat are threatening two of Switzerland’s main agricultural products: milk and cheese. But the shortage affects far more than cows — Swiss glaciers also feed Europe’s major rivers.(Image credit: Eleanor Beardsley/NPR)

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Marine wildlife – the Fishes — Wildlife-reporter.com

We recently earned our Open Water Diving certification, which allows us to explore the marine wildlife more in detail. It is the beginning of a long journey to discover the secrets of a vast space, almost 72% of our planet being water! The Ocean is producing 85% of the planet’s oxygen, which links us all […]

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‘A Ban In All But Name’ – Shipping Calves for Slaughter to Europe — The Orkney News

“the SNP Government needs to wake up and listen to the 73% of voters who recently said they supported a ban on the trade.”

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“From a tired, broken-hearted vet.” The sad reality of what our pets do in their final moments.

by Clare Stephens (via msn.com)

a dog looking at the camera: "I have never had pets worry during their final moments." Image via Getty.
© Getty “I have never had pets worry during their final moments.” Image via Getty.

There are few thoughts as sickening as imagining your pet in a scenario where they’re vulnerable, scared and alone.

We’d like to think our pets know they’re loved always, and know we’ll do whatever is necessary to protect them and make them feel safe.

But according to a post that recently went viral, there’s one moment in particular where humans fail.

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5-foot rattlesnake caught ‘dancing’ atop tree in New Mexico

There was an added complication to keen hunter Frank Gonzales’s scouting trip in Nutt, New Mexico, on August 19.Gonzales spotted a five-foot-long rattlesnake that appeared to be dancing in the high branches of a tree while he was scouting suitable ground for the upcoming hunting season.Uploading the unnerving sight to Facebook, Gonzales wrote: “Not only did we have to watch for rattlesnakes on the ground but the dang trees too.” Credit: Frank Gonzales via Storyful

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Feel Good Sunday: Video – Battle of the Barns Sync Challenge — Straight from the Horse’s Heart


“Okay, we are all about grins and giggles today. For those of us who live with equines;s we occasionally have to let our hair down and have a little fun because for those who do not care for a equine companion are probably not aware that our charges have “staff” and that “staff” refers to […]

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Tennis rallies behind Serena Williams after US Open sexism claim – The Guardian

So let me get this straight, Serena and others are calling the game and yesterday’s Women’s Final’s alleged ‘bad calls’ sexist, yet the women get the same prize money as the men regardless of the fact that the women only play three sets vs the men’s five.  Yes, the game is sexist – in favour of the women!  Serena was getting coaching from her player’s box, that was blatant.  Then she broke her racket, warranting a point penalty.  Then, she calls Chair Umpire Carlos Ramos a liar and a thief, warranting a full game penalty.

As someone who watches every major tennis tournament with enthusiasm and anticipation, I applaud Ramos for standing firm and enforcing the rules.  This is not an issue of past alleged poor officiating, it was about what Serena did yesterday, at the 2018 US Open Women’s Final.

Should chair umpires enforce the rules more consistently, yes.  Should other players – men and women, be more harshly sanctioned, yes.  But this does not or should not detract from the reality that at yesterday’s Final, Serena Williams was offside.  She (and her coach) committed each of the offenses and, based on the rules, should and was penalized rightly because of those actions.

It’s not sexist: it’s not about Cornet’s shirt changing penalty or Serena’s 2018 French Open catsuit sanctioning, it’s only about what happened yesterday.  In my opinion, both Serena and Roger Federer get special treatment on almost every court on which they play, and that’s not fair either.

Of course there’s sexism in tennis.  I applaud Serena for what she and other female players have done to help level the playing field and elevate the women’s game to its rightful place.  However, in this instance, this was an example of poor behaviour, not sexism – and poor behaviour is a universal human failing.

Below from The Guardian

Tennis players past and present have rallied behind Serena Williams after she claimed the sport was riddled by sexism following an extraordinary on-court tirade at an umpire during the US Open women’s final.

The 23-time grand slam winner said she was fighting for the future rights of women players by publicly criticising the chair umpire Carlos Ramos for what she interpreted as double standards. The final was won by Naomi Osaka of Japan – with the enormously talented 20-year-old claiming her first major title – but it will be remembered for the controversy prompted by a furious outburst from Williams.

Serena Williams points at the umpire
 Serena Williams points at the umpire during her US Open final match against Naomi Osaka. Photograph: Timothy A Clary/AFP/Getty Images

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