This is My Canada 

I love this country with my heart & soul. Land of lakes, rivers, moose and the Cambrian Shield. Born in Toronto but moved to the sticks when I was 10 years old. I’m forever proud to live and call rural Canada my home.  I’m also blessed to work with some incredible First Nation people who have shown me just how truly wonderful this land is for people and our animal relatives. 

Second Rescue Mission Underway for Entangled Blue Whale — TIME

Federal officials on Tuesday said they plan to make another attempt at rescuing a blue whale that has been entangled in a net in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. The 80-foot long blue whale was spotted on Monday caught in crab or fishing lines off the coast of Dana Point in southern…

via Second Rescue Mission Underway for Entangled Blue Whale — TIME

For the Love of Peonies

For me, nothing in the garden is more beautiful then the peony.  Maybe it’s the memory of my mother’s garden in days gone by, but peonies hold a special, central place in my heart, mind and eye when I scan the late spring, early summer garden. Peonies don’t last very long, but the flowers do make for long-lasting indoor bouquets.

Summer Garden: Simple Pleasures

It’s been so dry of late, so watering in the evenings has been an ongoing, daily ritual. The early Summer garden is taking shape with the pinks/purples/lavenders/peach hues on fantastic display.

The Wind Through Roadside Wildflowers

So much beauty lies just at the margins of our highways and bi-ways, what look like simple wildflowers are truly elaborate patches and fields of bustling – and buzzing – life.  I stopped a few times along our area roadways to capture the smaller  worlds of wonder, going about life at their own beautiful, steady pace.

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My Little, Wonderful Slice of Heaven

It may not make the cover of magazines, but my little garden brings me ever so much joy and contentment.  I’ve learned over the years that the garden will conform to its own rules and order, and that, indeed,

life finds a way