You’ll never be able to reach your goals if you can’t forgive yourself for failing at them

Many of us will start out the New Year by making a list of resolutions—changes we want to make to be happier, such as eating better, volunteering more often, being a more attentive spouse, and so on. But, as we know, we will often fail. After a few failures we will typically give up and…

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Creating an insect habitat in the Ripley Garden — Smithsonian Gardens

Everyone needs a warm place to snuggle up for winter. That includes members of the insect world! With this in mind, my coworkers and I created a beautiful overwintering habitat for bugs in the Ripley Garden! Call it a Bug-A-bode. Or a Bug House. Or an insect-ominium. No matter what you call it, hopefully it […]

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The movies are dead, according to two distinguished moviemakers

Movies remain my conduit to imagination, new worlds of wonder, opportunity, alternative universes, and the ultimate expression of human creativity.  I can’t imagine the future without the ‘epic, big screen’ cinematic experience and movies made for a communal experience.

Rest in peace cinema, 1894-2016. Cause of death: Martin Scorsese said so. In an interview with the Associated Press last month, Scorsese, the illustrious director of Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, and 2017 Oscar contender Silence, said movies just ain’t what they used to be. “Cinema is gone,” Scorsese said. “The cinema I grew up with and…

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Never stop asking questions!

This summer I went on a family holiday to Cornwall, on the Helford River. The peninsula south of the river is, rather wonderfully, called The Lizard. Standing on its cliffs, you are at the southernmost point of mainland Britain. North of the river is the port of Falmouth, from where packet-ships kept the mail services…

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There’s strength-building in being stressed

Jason paced the corridor outside the boardroom, his palms dampening the printout of his PowerPoint presentation to the board. He could hear his pulse in his ears—boom-rush, boom-rush, and his mouth was too dry to even rehearse the opening sentence of his pitch. The last time he had felt like this, he had tried to…

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